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Originally Posted by Raizen1984 View Post
I disagree with this idea that the tone or quality of the game somehow excuses the composer from creating sub-par work.
Not my idea really, just defending Wakai... would you set a game like Nintendogs to Wagnerian symphonic cues?

Chocobo no Fushigina Dungeon was a cutesy POS, but that didn't stop Hamauzu from crafting a good score around it.
Not a fair comparison, Hamauzu is brilliant and his eclecticism is perfectly suited to weird cutesy crap like Chocobo's Dungeon.

Ditto for Jun Ishikawa and Kirby, or Yasunori Mitsuda and Inazuma Eleven.
I can say with great conviction that I much prefer Ishikawa's work on Alcahest, Arcana, and HyperZone over Kirby; and damn near everything Mitsuda has done over Inazuma Eleven. Still good music, even great, but not up to their normal standard. I feel the same about Wakai's "serious" scores compared to his casual stuff, except perhaps the quality gap is wider than the aforementioned composers.

A truly great composer should be able to take the concept of the material they're scoring and do something creative with it. Creating elevator music for Nintendog's is not something a composer with vision would do. IMO.
I dunno man... it's NINTENDOGs. I'm trying to think how I would've done it. You know, Yoko Kanno did these amazing piano cues for some Japanese documentary about puppies or something--sounded like improvisation at points, but was deliciously playful and whimsical in its musical language. It's a silly comparison to make, but it's true that some composers will really go out on a project. Then again, directors know damn well to let Yoko Kanno do what Yoko Kanno wants. Maybe Miyamoto explicitly requested "elevator music". I wouldn't put it past him.

I'm still willing to give Wakai a fair shot with this new Zelda score. I just wanted to explain where my cyinicism is coming from, is all.
I understand, and your cynicism is warranted. However, if Wakai took a serious approach, I really think it's going to be fantastic.
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