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Some audio tidbits from Game Informer magazine.

On Zelda's Lullaby reversed in the main theme:
Originally Posted by Aonuma
"Sound director Hajime Wakai actually created that. He did it secretly and didn't let me know. It wasn't just a matter of them being silly or playing around but really looking at what they can do with the music that would draw on the rich musical history of the series but still offer something new.

The main theme is called 'The Goddess' Song.' There is an intentional connection between the Goddess and Zelda, so we wanted those two songs to relate to one another."
- other musical cues in the game that long-time fans will appreciate
- includes a surprising use of the overworld theme from the original Legend of Zelda
- original composition by Koji Kondo
- this is the song you hear before starting the game

Originally Posted by Wakai
"Mr. Kondo did something interesting with the arrangement. He requested that when we record it with the orchestra, there must be a bugle that sounds as if it's coming from off in the distance. When you hear that sound in the prologue, what sounds almost like a military bugle, it adds this great feeling to it."
- Mogma are accompanied by upbeat, jazzy music that features snapping fingers
- Guardians of the Silent Realm are accompanied by industrial music akin to something in Silent Hill
- this new approach to music comes as Aonuma's goal to 'break down some of the typical patterns you see in Zelda games'
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