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Blimey--I had Minegishi pegged as a dead-cert. And I'd vaguely suspected that maybe Tominaga would've filtered into Skyward Sword after Spirit Tracks...but those credits are extraordinary. More of this sort of variety with Zelda, please, Nintendo! (I'd like to see another Zelda with Totaka on it sometime, for example.)

I'll fess up: I was evilly hoping that Minegishi and Ohta wouldn't appear here. I'm not going to hype myself up over the matter, admittedly, as I am regrettably predisposed to looking at Fujii through a pretty negative lens--those games listed above haven't gone down too well with me--but I do hope he/she brings something new and interesting to the table. Hama I don't know from adam, so I just hope he's eager to give his own swing on things, rather than be content to attempt to emulate the styles of his superiors. It'd be nice to have a Zelda that felt unique by virtue of sounding different, from a compositional perspective as well as in terms of instrumentation.

Wakai's still up there as the first credit...but I do wonder how much of the game he actually composed. I have my own conspiracy theory that Kazumi Totaka didn't compose much in the way of anything for Link's Awakening despite being the first credit, so I do wonder what the deal might be in this case. (If only we were getting an official soundtrack so we could find out...!)

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