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Originally Posted by Uppa View Post
I'll fess up: I was evilly hoping that Minegishi and Ohta wouldn't appear here.
Same here. It does feel a bit weird not seeing Minegishi's name, but it's a welcome change. Although, I do adore Spirit Tracks soundtrack. It was a big step up from TP & PH. The town themes are especially super catchy.

Wakai's still up there as the first credit...but I do wonder how much of the game he actually composed.
I haven't heard much outside of the demo so far; waiting to play the game to experience the soundtrack. He should be participating in the next Iwata asks.

Edit: it's up

Not much revealed besides Tokyo Software Development Department coming in towards the end to help with the cinematic scenes. I guess that means Yokota & Hama mostly handled the cinematic music while Wakai & Fujii handled the rest(?) Makes sense given the ordering listed. Plus, Fujii started out with Nintendo around the time music was being added 3 years ago, and Hama only started recently with OoT 3DS and SML 3DS under Yokota.
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