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Originally Posted by Prime Blue View Post
It was confirmed in the guide books that he didn't compose for Link's Awakening, but only did sound effects and sound programming. People just confuse him as composer a lot because he is listed with Minako Hamano and Kozue Ishikawa under "sound composer" in the staff credits (although "sound" is a bit more of a general term than "music").
As it turns out--though I'd forgotten--I actually posted the scan to that guide with the information concerning Link's Awakening's composers on the Kozue Ishikawa discussion page back in March! I'd completely forgotten I'd posited that theory here...though a lot of you probably saw the scans elsewhere beforehand. I felt pretty assured at the time that he was chiefly involved in SFX after observing that Hamano and Ishikawa both received credit for composition, rather than simply sound programming--though now I feel a bit nervous about saying that outright. As you very rightly point out, sound is very general in this case. Few soundtrack credits out there that I'd like more than Link's Awakening's, that's for certain.

On the topic of Skyward Sword, I am very interested indeed to find out if we are going to be treated to a soundtrack born chiefly of the efforts of Wakai and Fujii. I have probably voiced similar sentiments before, but I do hope we get something kind of atypical here, as far as composition is concerned--and I really feel curious to see what sort of influences Wakai introduces.
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