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Default A couple of notes

I wanted to let everyone know about a few small changes that have occured this week.
  1. A 4 mb upper limit for the filesize of a single scan has been set. Obviously this is a rather arbitrary number, but much larger scans don't really add much, while slowing down the gallery viewing. If this number is too low, then we could discuss a reasonable number to set for it.
  2. Due to popular demand, the voting has been converted from a 10 star system to a 5 star system. Functionally, it's still the same as before, with half-star gradings to help eliminate the compression, so all of the previous votes are still valid.
Aside from that, things are coming along, and the site is growing quite well. If anyone has any suggestions, or encounters any problems, don't be afraid to bring them up on the forums.
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