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Default YHST-0005: Tenohira Pianissimo

So there are two songs on this album that are mixed up in various places, 独り占めドール and ひとりぼっちメロディ

The listed information for 独り占めドール is that it's an arrangement of "Doll Judgment ~ The Girl Who Played with People's Shapes" from Touhou Youyoumu. ひとりぼっちメロディ's listed information is that it's an arrangement of "Heartfelt Fancy" from Touhou Chireiden.

Track 5, which I'm just going to call "Song A" here, is an arrangement of "Doll Judgment" that's about 5 minutes long, and the lyrics match what's given for 独り占めドール. Track 6, which I'm going to call "Song B," is an arrangement of "Heartfelt Fancy" that's about 4 minutes long, and the lyrics match what's given for ひとりぼっちメロディ. So it seems that what's correct is 独り占めドール = A and ひとりぼっちメロディ = B. That's what's printed on this album, so that all seems fine and dandy.

Except Yuuhei Satellite's page for this album says the jacket is wrong, and the information for the tracks was reversed. Which really doesn't make sense to me

Here's how the songs are associated in various places. I've put a ★ next to the places that match what Yuuhei Satellite said is correct.

This album's jacket
05 Song A (duration 4:55), title 独り占めドール
06 Song B (duration 3:59), title ひとりぼっちメロディ

This album's website ★
05 Song A, title ひとりぼっちメロディ
06 Song B, title 独り占めドール

This album in digital stores ★
05 Song B (duration 4:02), title 独り占めドール
06 Song A (duration 4:58), title ひとりぼっちメロディ
(note that they actually swapped the songs themselves here)

YHST-0057 album jacket, website, and digital stores
17 Song A (duration 4:54), title 独り占めドール
18 Song B (duration 3:55), title ひとりぼっちメロディ

YHST-0104 album jacket and digital stores
11 Song A (duration 4:58), title 独り占めドール
12 Song B (duration 4:02), title ひとりぼっちメロディ

YHST-0104 website ★
11 Song A, title ひとりぼっちメロディ
12 Song B, title 独り占めドール

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