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華ごろも -> 華衣 -> Hanagoromo (minor: it's better to use n'y for words like sen'yuu, you forgot a u in koya)
I don't get why you changed kaerimichi into its uncommon and almost never used reading kaeriji
Kenran taru (taru acts like naru)
nara without N (to not mistake with the town of Nara)
I don't think it's saizai, but rather saisai (except if there is some official reading)
Shusen (without a supplementary u)

I see that "ichi touju tamashi" got changed into ikkyuunyuukon, there is a progress but still not that =)

edit: btw romanization isn't translation
> romanizing is the fact to change words from a language you can't read to a language you can read independently from original meaning
> translating is the fact to change words from a language you don't understand to a language you understand "dependently" from original meaning (according to personal tranlating method, literal or not)

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