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Default KICA-1475: Synthesizer Suite "Dragon Quest Monsters 2" ~Malta no Fushigi... (reprint)

The final track has incorrect information in Japanese. This info seems to be pretty widespread in most major outlets including Tower jp. The back of the CD case actually reads like this:


Currently, the subcategories for the ME Collection are wrong. At the typing of this post, track 35 is showing:
ME集 (レベルアップ~宿屋~教会~アイテム発見~呪い~敵出現~強敵出現~全滅~捕獲1~捕獲2~ファンファー レA~ファンファーレB~ファンファーレC)

So, the correct language for track 35 should be if we're going by what the actual CD case says:
ME集 (レベルアップ~宿屋~教会(治癒)~重要アイテム発見~呪~出た!1~出た!2~死~捕獲1~捕獲2~当 たり~中当たり~大当たり)

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