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A little late to the game, but here's a list. I had some difficulty to actually think of 10 names at first, but then ended having to cut people out. I don't like picking favourites because it all depends so much on the day.

1. Hitoshi Sakimoto
2. Masashi Hamauzu
3. Yoshitaka Hirota
4. Jeremy Soule
5. Jun Ishikawa
6. Miki Higashino
7. Michiko Naruke
8. Matt Uelmen
9. Yoshino Aoki
10. Naoki Kodaka (Albert Odyssey Gaiden is an RPG, right?)

Mentions to at least Hiroki Kikuta, Kohei Tanaka, Yoko Shimomura and Noriyuki Iwadare. I'm so terrible with names.
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