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Default Research about un-romanized artists

There we go:

Angel Heart Original Soundtrack
Artist: 工藤正和 (trumpet player) = Masakazu Kudo
Source 1 (Name written in hiragana)
Source 2 (Romanization confirmed)

Atelier Vocal Historia 1997~2009
Artist: 西山文生 (guitar player) = Fumio Nishiyama
Source 1 (He has too many credits as guitarist)
Source 2 (I think so)

Artist: 水谷真希 (trumpet player) = Maki Mizutani
Source 1 (Self-explanatory)
No luck with any other artist of this album.

CLAYMORE TV Animation O. S. T.
Artist: 三谷真紀 (oboe player) = Maki Mitani
Source 1
Source 2

To be continued...

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