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Definitely (I'd have made artist entries for these): Masakazu Kudo, Ryota Akizuki, Maki Mitani, Shizuka Kawaguchi

Likely (I'd have left the names in Japanese, but posted the guesses and info in the album threads): Fumio Nishiyama, Maki Mizutani, Akihiro Endo

大貫貴裕: I've had DrillSpin come up a few times while searching for readings myself, but I'm not sure how reliable it is: verified submissions, machine-generated guesses like Anison Generation and ErogeTrailers, etc. JASRAC does have "Takahiro Onuki" registered as the reaing for that name too, although it's not without mistakes. Likely.

岡部麿知: I'm pretty sure 麿知 is just mistranscribed from the God Eater booklet, because it looks like it could be the correct 磨知 to me. Definitely Machi Okabe.

Originally Posted by isdapi View Post
No luck with any other artist of this album.
青木美加子 (shaker): Mikako Aoki
本間共子 (tambourine, chappa): Tomoko Homma

I wonder if this is a misprint in the booklet, since I'm having no luck connecting this name to any of the other musicians, or even a violinist period. I don't have any guesses about who it could be if it's a typo.
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