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Definitely: Yasushi Fujisawa, Noriko Saito, Shu Yamaga, Yoshiko Uchida, Atsuhide Nakayama, Yuya Tanaka, Hanae Haruki (in English with Seiko Oonuki on a Yui Makino single)
Likely: Kumiko Ochi, Mayu Kodera, Miho Yamashita, Naoyuki Matsui

Atsuhide Nakayama: Generasia source seems suspect, since it got Chiyomaru Shikura's family name rather wrong ("Yukisou"). ZIZZ connection with Atsuhide Nakayama on Under Defeat is definitely good, though: confirms it.

片山耕一: I saw the drummer too when working on that album, but that's too much of a stretch. I agree that "Kouichi Katayama" is the most likely reading.

Originally Posted by isdapi View Post
CHz, feel free to do the changes to the album pages or artists if you want to. For the moment, I'm only to post the new artists romanizations I keep discovering.
Do you want me to keep double-checking your findings and commenting on which ones I think are solid and which ones I'm not totally convinced about? Most of your sources are pretty good: artist profiles, ensemble profiles, other albums, performance listings, etc. There are a few I don't think are totally reliable (I wouldn't trust an unsourced Wikia or someone's random album upload to YouTube, for example), and a few that seem decent but that I haven't investigated much yet, like DrillSpin and MPN. It took us years to figure out that Anison Generation is totally unreliable for name readings because it seems to machine generate them, so I tend to be a bit distrustful of database sites until proven otherwise.

And just to clarify: when I think a reading is only "likely," it's usually not because I think you found a bad source, but because I couldn't connect the artist to the composer/fellow performers or to other games/anime. Japan's a country of 120+ million people, so I personally try to look for a little more than just someone with the same name playing the same instrument.
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