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Kaicho ha Maid Sama! Original Soundtrack
Artist: 石井淳 (guitar player) = Jun Ishii ?? (With such a common name is hard to find specific connections)
Source 1 (I think it's him but... no further proofs)

La croisée dans un labyrinthe étranger Original Soundtrack
Artist: 千葉はな (composer, lyricist) = Chiba Hana
Source 1 (Official site)
Source 2 (Credited alongside Youmou to Ohana)
Artist: 市川和則 (arranger) = Kazunori Ichikawa
Source 1 (Hey, look that, the same as before)
Source 2 (It seems that someone did his job)
By the way, in this album appears mentioned "日本古謡" which just means the famous japanese folk song called "Sakura, Sakura (Cherry Blossom)".

Do you want me to keep double-checking your findings and commenting on which ones I think are solid and which ones I'm not totally convinced about?
Yes, absolutely. I prefer someone double-check my findings. Anyway, in many cases I'm not going to be able to provide sources of unquestionable authority or reliability but I do what I can. In the case of the MPN site, in my experience is very very reliable; so far I haven't found a wrong hiragana reading of the artists names.

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