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Library War original SOUNDTRACK
Artist: 内田大輔 (dj) = Daisuke Uchida? (Not confirmed)
Source 1 (His facebook account?)
Source 2 (Here he's listed alongside his partner, 山田雅俊, both of them under the mysterious label "nuwork". I haven't found anything about this nuwork label/company/group but it's worthy to note it).

Lupin the Third: Lupin ni wa Shi wo, Zenigata ni wa Koi wo Original Soundtracks
Artist: 川濑正人 (percussionist) = Masato Kawase
Source 1 (Yeah, 川正人 it's probably a typo, but also might be a variation. Anyway, it's him, no doubt).

Mobile Suit Z Gundam: A New Translation ~A New Translation Review~ [Limited Edition]
Artist: 中根洋介 (oboe player) = Yosuke Nakane
Source 1 (Myspace profile)
Source 2 (This is what leads me to believe it's another typo or variation [中根庸介]. Too similar to be a coincidence, don't you think?)
Source 3 (twitter account)

Monopoly String Quartet Compositions
Artist: 大沢 浄 (violin player) = Kiyoshi Osawa
Source 1 (Another Sugiyama album and he's credited as violinist. That's what I call a suspicious connection)
Source 2 (Appears credited, and Hiroto Kawamura, too but the quality of this source it's a bit doubtful)
Artist: 大沢 浄 (viola player) = Hiroshi Watanabe
Source 1 (Hiragana reading)
Source 2 (Drillspin profile confirming his name)
Source 3 (Credited along with Sugiyama)
Artist: (cello player) = Hiroto Kawamura
Source 1 (Hiragana reading)
Source 2 (Credited alongside Takashi Kato)

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