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Piano Pieces "SF 2" Rhapsody on a Theme of SaGa FRONTIER 2
Artist: 山本伸子 (violin player) = Nobuko Yamamoto
Source 1 (Mpn reading)
Source 2 (Unspecified performance)

Artist: 佐藤美佐子 (violin player) = Misako Sato
Source 1 (Mpn reading)
Source 2 (Drillspin profile)
Source 3 (Personal website)

Artist: 荒井友美 (violin player) = Yuumi Arai
Source 1 (Mpn reading)
Source 2 (Credited in an album)

Artist: 大澤美佳 (viola player) = Mika Osawa
Source 1 (Mpn reading)
Source 2 (Credited alongside Tomoko Inoue)
Source 3 (Perfomance credit with readings, she plays the violin here)

Artist: 堀江冬子 (viola player) = Fuyuko Horie
Source 1 (Credited as violist)
Source 2 (Image coming from here, in the web adress her name is written.

Artist: 佐々木昭 (cello player) = Akira Sasaki
Source 1 (Mpn reading)
Source 2 (Recital advertisement)
Source 3 (Profile of his defunct website)

Artist: 蟻正行義 (piano player) = Yukiyoshi Arimasa
Source 1 (A blog entry explaining that after going to USA he shortened his name to Yuki instead of Yukiyoshi)
Source 2 (Official webpage in japanese of this accomplished jazz pianist)

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