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Definitely: Takashi Sawagashira
Likely: Nobuko Yamamoto, Misako Sato, Yumi Arai, Mika Osawa, Akira Sasaki, Yukiyoshi Arimasa, Shinichiro Nemoto, Midori Masuda, Masayoshi Iwaoka, Michiko Toh (nice)
Maybe: Fuyuko Horie

市ノ瀬洋一: Youichi Ichinose seems likely. The booklet says 市ノ瀬, but I think that name is supposed to be 市瀬洋一 (definitely read Youichi Ichinose) of Voice Field: He's credited as the chorus leader in the credits of Pandora's Tower you linked, and his Voice Field profile says he's worked as a solo and chorus vocalist. The thing that gives me a little bit of doubt is that the Voice Field Ichinose is credited as "Youichi Ichinose" while the tenor is credited as "Yoichi Ichinose." It could be that they were just sloppy with the credits, or maybe they really are two different people.

大野祥孝: Kotenha is not very reliable. I see a couple of mistakes in that entry alone: "Ken Osada" instead of Susumu Osada and "Masaru Hoshi" instead of Katsu Hoshi. Yoshitaka Ono is a pretty likely reading, though. There's a keyboardist Yoshitaka Ohno with the same name 大野祥孝 who's part of the bands ANKH and GANGS, but I'm not sure if that's the same person.
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