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Quiz Magic Academy VII Original Soundtrack
Artist: 遠部佳代子 (flute player) = Kayoko Obe
Source 1 (Credited as member of Ensemble Canalize)
Source 2 (Romanized names of its members)

Artist: 佐藤友美 (flute player) = Yumi Sato
Source 1 (Profile with available reading of her name: さとうゆみ)
Source 2 (It's the Ameba blog of this artist, also flutist and also performing in this album, is linked to the ameba page of 佐藤 友美/Yumi Sato)

Artist: 篠塚恵子 (clarinet player) = Keiko Shinozuka
Source 1 (Facebook account)
Source 2 (Different source, same romanization)

Quiz Magic Academy VIII Original Soundtrack
Artist: 鶴薗明人 (flute player) = Akihito Tsuruzono
Source 1 (Facebook acount)
Source 2 (Flute score publication by him. Here the actual score)
Source 3 (Twitter account for reference)

Ragnarok the Animation Sound Track & Character Songs (Also credited here)
Artist: 齋藤篤 (ukelele & guitar player) = Atsushi Saito
Source 1 (A western website crediting him, that's interesting)
Source 2 (Scan where you can see him credited, but only in kanji)
Source 3 (The game credits of Samurai Western. He appears credited as Atsusi Saito for Acoustic Guitar performance. In spite of naming him Atsusi instead of Atsushi, I think it's safe to assume that Atsushi Saito is his real name)

REIDEEN Original Soundtrack -Dream Orchestra-
Artist: 松田裕子 (flute player) = Yuko Matsuda
Source 1 (Sort of personal profile)
Source 2 (Credited for flute performance)

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