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Sakura Taisen 3 Music Collection Paris Music Hall (Here too)
Artist: 三畑貞次 (guitar player) = Teiji Mihata
Source 1 (I strongly believe that 三畑貞次 is only a variation of 三畑貞二, or a mistake, as you prefer...)
Source 2 (... Because he had already participated in an album along with Kouhei Tanaka in 1985, "MAGICIAN / MAGICAL DREAM SHOW". In this page, and only in this page, also appears a suspicious guy named Teiji Mitsuhata, who I think is just a bad romanization of the artist in question)

Sakura Taisen Complete Vocal Collection
Artist: 山下貴久子 (chorus, vocal performance) = Kikuko Yamashita
Source 1 (MPN reference)
Source 2 (DrillSpin profile)

Artist: 松美音 (chorus, vocal performance) = Mine Matsuki
Source 1 (In this album she is credited along with Kikuko Yamashita. Her correct kanji form is 松美音)

I haven't found a romanization for 清水太郎, but at least I got his twitter.

Seikai no Senki II Original Soundtrack
Artist: 鈴木直樹 (synthesizer operator) = Naoki Suzuki
Source 1 (This sounds familiar, isn't it?)
Source 2 (List of albums where he has collaborated)

Seikai no Senki Original Soundtrack
Artist: 杉山武陽 (synthesizer operator) = Takeaki Sugiyama
Source 1 (A little profile, although it's interesting to note that his alias is thunder [サンダー])
Source 2 (Credited three times as TAKEAKI "THUNDER" SUGIYAMA)

Seirei no Moribito Original Sound Track Volume Two
Artist: 金美仙 (kayagum/gayageum player) = キム・ミソン (I'm no expert in Korean names, so I'm leaving this in katakana, but I think this could be romanized as Kim Mi-seong or Kim Mi Sun)
Source 1

Sexy.Honey.Bunny! / Takara no Ishi
Artist: 飯岡隆志 (composer) = Takashi Iioka
Source 1 (Musicman-net profile)
Source 2 (Personal website)

Artist: 西寺郷太 (lyricist) = Gota Nishidera
Source 1 (Facebook account)
Source 2 (Credited alongside corin)

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