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Shin Momotaro Densetsu
Artist: 太田幸子 (shamisen player) = Yukiko Ota
Source 1 (Now she's known as Nami Kineie but it's the same artist)
Source 2 (In japanese if you want to verify the kanji)
Source 3 (Maybe not the most reliable web, but here she is credited in an album alongside several artists who also performed on Shin Momotaro Densetsu)

Shirokishi Monogatari -Inishie no Kodou- ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK
Artist: 福森篤志 (chorus, vocal performance) = Atsushi Fukumori
Source 1 (Credited in romanized form in the ending staff roll of the game)

Artist: 岡本隆 (chorus, vocal performance) = Ryu Okamoto
Source 1 (Credited in romanized form in the ending staff roll of the game)

Soukyuu no Fafner HEAVEN AND EARTH Original Soundtrack
Artist: 小貫誉 (trumpet player) = Homare Onuki
Source 1 (Mini biography. It says he is mainly a studio recording musician)
Source 2 (His twitter. Just look at tphomma, that guy also worked in this album)

Artist: 瀧本秀延 (drum player) = Hidenobu Takimoto (Alias or variation of Toshinobu Takimoto)
Source 1 (Another time this source appears, and for the same reason, only in this album H.T. and Kouhei Tanaka got credited together, "MAGICIAN / MAGICAL DREAM SHOW" again)
Source 2 Source 3 (Other albums where a guy named Hidenobu Takimoto performs as drummer)

Artist: 横山俊 = 横山俊朗 = Toshiro Yokoyama
Source 1 His homepage, he's a regular member or the NHK Symphony Orchestra with several collaborations with other violinists of this album. In this case the typo of a single kanji changes all, but the absolute lack of credits as violinist for someone named 横山俊明 is definitive to discard that reading.

Artist: 飯島三喜雄 (violin player) = Mikio Iijima
Source 1 (DrillSpin profile)
Source 2 (Hiragana reading provided by MPN)
Source 3 (This pretty much explains his link with Yoshiaki Tomoda)

Artist: 清家一恵 (violin player) = Kazue Seike
Source 1 (Hiragana reading courtesy of MPN)
Source 2 (DrillSpin profile. Btw, MPN and DrillSpin are related or what, because they have almost identical artist databases)

Artist: 清家孝子 (violin player) = Takako Seike
Source 1 (Hiragana reading courtesy of MPN)
Source 2 (Surprise, surprise! Same deal as before)

Artist: 高木敏行 (violin player) = Toshiyuki Takagi
Source 1 (MPN, you know the rest...)
Source 2 (Album credits of a tv soundtrack. At least the information seems reliable)

Artist: 山田健一 (violin player) = Kenichi Yamada
Source 1 (I bet you know what it is... MPN, of course)

Artist: 鈴木弘一 (violin player) = Koichi Suzuki
Source 1 (MPN obligatory reference)
Source 2 (Member of the huge uchida strings)

Artist: 中川潔 (violin player) = Kiyoshi Nakagawa
Source 1 (Yeah, guess what)

Artist: 伊藤正 (viola player) = Tadashi Ito
Source 1 (MPN as usual)
Source 2 (Credited in a jazz album as Tadashi Itoh)
Source 3 (Viola teacher, Tadashi Itoh again)

Artist: 岡本和夫 (cello player) = Kazuo Okamoto
Source 1 (DrillSpin profile)
Source 2 (Prominent artist in the jazz scene, but here is credited in a film soundtrack)

Artist: 石橋正治 (flute player) = Masaharu Ishibashi
Source 1 (Missing it, eh?)
Source 2 (Profiles of various flutists, amongst them M.I.)
Source 3 (Credited in a rock album!? Wow, that was unsuspecting but, after all, we're talking about the seventies)

Still no luck with: 大野順三 and 丸里澄 (the lack of results as musicians for these two names seems to indicate that some kanji in their names is a typo)

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