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Hello everyone, i'm one of the devs of Edge Of Eernity,

Just wanted to say that we are actually 4 people working on the game and the Kickstarter is just one of the first steps the game is actually a early early pre-alpha, we go on kickstarter to hire more people (we'd like to go up to 6-7 people) to improve the art style dramatically, the game is set to release at the end of 2016 at least so we have plenty of time, Mr.Mitsuda completely understood that and it's not the first time he seen projects in alpha, he saw the potential of the project even in this state and agreed to work with us believing on what the community can help us to realize.

About the contribution of Mr.Mitsuda it will be one of the first stretch goals and it will not be that high compared to the base goal (and the goal is not so high too because we already fund a large part of the game we only need to hire a little extra people to ensure that the game will be good looking and fun to play)
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