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Default Composer Profile Pictures

Instead of doing this on a case by case basis, I figured I should just make a separate topic entirely - I have images of the following composers (and possibly more) that could be used on their profiles:

Hajime Wakai
Taro Bando
Kenichi Koyano
Motoaki Takenouchi
Masanao Akahori
Hirokazu Ando
Shogo Sakai
Kenta Nagata
Hayato Matsuo
Asuka Ota
Toru Minegishi
Kazumi Totaka
Shinobu Tanaka
Akari Kaida
Yoshino Aoki
Keiichi Suzuki
Kenji Kawai
Masashi Hamauzu
June Chikuma
Akifumi Tada

I don't know what this site's stance is on using such images, but I'm presuming you're more lenient here than wikipedia are.

Additionally, I think a nice extra bit of functionality for this site would be a field stating where the pictures originate. There's a few on my list that I'd love to know the origins/date of, especially considering there aren't any other sites online that provide that sort of information (that I've found). Perhaps that would be a tangential shift of focus from the albums themselves though - I don't know, just throwing that out there
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