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Yeah, most of them can be found on that site easily enough. Many others can be found on Last FM (some of which I've put up myself). Or, just google image searching works well too sometimes. I believe the only two on that list that can't be found by those means currently are Kenichi Koyano and Taro Bando, both of which have photos in album scans (Landstalker and F-Zero X Guitar Arranged respectively, unless I'm gravely mistaken).

Tanaka doesn't just look unusual, he also writes unusual music as you'd know. I'm pretty sure he did the music for the GameBoy Camera, as well as the whackier stuff on Mario Paint and Earthbound (if the track credits on the Mother albums are anything to go by).

And yeah.. I get around :P didn't expect people to remember me from vgmp3 though. It's been a long time since I posted there.

EDIT: oops, the picture i have isn't kenichi koyano but the chief programmer of Landstalker, Ken Naito. good thing I didn't put it anywhere, really. the picture i have of takenouchi is most certainly him though.

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