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Default Submissions - Release Type (Distribution Type)

Current Guidelines
Distribution Type is based on availability, in descending order.
  • General
    An album that was commercially sold or distributed openly, including online releases.
  • Limited Edition
    Limited edition counterpart of a commercial release, usually with alternate packaging or extra content.
  • Enclosure
    Catch-all type for albums that were never commercially sold as standalone releases, but distributed as part of a goods package (such as a videogame or magazine). Note that enclosure albums sometimes have their own catalogue number.
  • First Press Bonus
    Bonus item provided by the publisher as part of a goods package for a limited initial pressing.
    If the bonus is included in all pressings, use the Enclosure type instead.
  • Preorder Bonus
    Bonus item provided by the publisher only for preorders.
  • Retailer Bonus
    Exclusive bonus item distributed only by a particular vendor, for example Amazon or Sofmap.
  • Event Only
    Albums sold exclusively through events or conventions. Note that doujin/indie albums that were initially released at conventions but later made available through doujin shops should be labeled as General.
  • Promo/Gift/Reward
    Promotional items with extremely limited printings, prizes awarded to contest winners and so on.
  • 6 May 2010 -- (Retail -> General) under Event Only description
  • 7 Jun 2010 -- Promo/Gift -> Promo/Gift/Reward
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Proposed Changes for Discussion
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