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Making a Draft

A new draft can be created at:

On the page for creating a draft, you can specify the name of the draft and add some comments. Both of these are freeform fields which will not be copied over to the album entry. For example, you can use the comments field to temporarily store the sources you are using as you work on the draft.

Once a draft is created you will see the following page for assigning artists to the draft. These links will not appear on artist pages until they are accepted by a member of staff.

To add a large number of artists use the mass add box.

- Each new credit should be on a separate line.
- The supported separators between the role and the artist are ": ", ":", " by ", " by: ", " at " and " at: ".
- Multiple roles and artists can be separated by ", " or "、".
- Additionally, "・" can also be used as a separator by selecting the "Use middle dot (・) as role separator" option.
- If there are duplicate artists (exact same artist name and role name) the duplicates will automatically be removed.

Role1, Role2: Artist1, Artist2
Role1, Role2 by Artist1, Artist2

Both English and Japanese credits are supported. For artist names it does not matter which language the credit is entered in. However, for the role names the language of the credit does matter and the original credit term (regardless of language) should be preferred. See the last section of this guide for an explanation.

The mass add box is also capable of parsing additional information in parentheses. For example in the example above "Keiji Kondo [近藤圭司] (SIGN SOUND LLC)"
- Keiji Kondo will interpreted as the romanized name,
- the text in square brackets, 近藤圭司, will be interpreted as the original language name,
- the text in round brackets, (SIGN SOUND LLC), will be interpreted as the suffix.

The original language name is used to store the kanji name for artists who do not have entries in the database. So, in this case - it is actually not needed as Keiji Kondo already has entry in the database.

Note: When adding names in kanji do not add a space between the family name and the given name as this complicates searching. Even if there is a space in the original source the space should be removed.

If you do not wish to use this functionality (for example when dealing with artists that have parentheses in their name), then it can be turned off by selecting the "Don't set original name field. Format: name [original]" and "Don't set suffix field. Format: name (suffix)" options.

Upon submitting from the mass add box the draft will be populated with artists as below. At this point you should give the artists a once over to see if everything is as expected (i.e. whether the automatically selected artists and roles are the correct ones), and once that is done click the Update Linked Artists button to turn the data from text into artist ID links.

Errors will be displayed if either
1) a role is not found, or
2) if multiple roles are found for a single credit

For the multiple matches error, you should carefully check the relevant artist links to see if the correct role was selected. On what to do about missing roles see the last section of this post.

If multiple matches are found for an artist name, the name will be displayed in red. The number of works that the artist has for that particular role will be displayed in round brackets, and the original language name (if applicable) will be displayed in square brackets. Once you have selected the correct artist, you will need to manually select the apply checkbox before clicking update (the checkbox is not automatically ticked when multiple artists are detected to prevent incorrect links).

If you have accidentally selected the wrong artist and notice it later, you can set the ID to 0, tick the relevant checkbox and click update in order to unlink them.

It should be noted that while the number of works is a good indicator when selecting which artist to link to, you should not be solely dependent upon it.

Sometimes you may also see an artist link appearing in blue. This happens when both of the entries detected are the same person.

For example, Yuji Naito uses two artist names in Japanese, 内藤侑史 and ユージナイトー - both with the same reading. So if you enter Yuji Naito, the system will detect both of these entries and display it in blue to indicate that both entries represent the same person. You should select whichever alias he is credited for that particular album. If not known - link to the main entry, which in this case is 内藤侑史.

To the left of the artists there is a "Role Order" field. This determines which order the credits appear on the album page.

If you use the mass add box, the order in which the credits were written will be preserved with each new role incremented by 10 compared to the previous. Incrementing by 10 allows new roles to be added in-between at a later time without having to renumber everything.

If adding artists one by one from the "Link a New Artist" function, then you will need to set the role order manually.

There is a fallback order which is used when the role order is not set (i.e. when all the roles are set to 0). In the fallback order, the main ~25 roles (as in the dropdown) appear first, followed by "groups" of roles i.e. the Composer group, then the Arranger group. Within the groups the ordering is alphabetical.

It should be noted that this ordering is intended only as a fallback, and should NOT generally be used. For example in the fallback order "Assistant Composer" will appear before "Lead Composer" as these are both roles in the Composer group and Assistant comes first alphabetically - which is undesirable.

In addition to mass add the following functions can be used when adding a small number of artists. Using the "Link a New Artist" function you can link a single artist to one or more roles selected from the dropdown as shown below.

It is not recommended to use this functionality to add a large number of artists.

The "Batch Link Artists" function is similar, but you can add multiple artists separated by commas and link them to one or more roles selected from the dropdown as shown below.

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