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Using Drafts to Make Changes to an Existing Album

Drafts are also used to make changes to an existing album. To do this select "Copy to Draft" from the Edit dropdown.

This will lead to a draft creation page where the "Copy Data" album ID is automatically filled in.

The newly created draft will contain all the artist links that are currently on the album, and you can make any desired changes.

Once you've made the desired changes, you can attach the draft to the album by selecting it from the dropdown when editing. You should state the changes, and the source for the changes using the comment box.

Once submitted, the draft will be visible with a header - until it is accepted into the database.

This method can also be used to copy credits between different albums. For example if you are submitting the CD+Blu-ray Limited Edition of an already existing CD-only entry, you can create a draft from the already existing CD-only entry and then attach it to the newly submitted CD+Blu-ray entry.
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