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Originally Posted by Blackiris View Post
Takeshi Hama
I know exactly one of his (few) soundtracks, but his work for Maōyū Maō Yūsha is outstanding in so many ways. The greatness of the music didn’t really occur to me while watching this anime, but when I listened to both of the soundtrack releases, I was dumbstruck. The worst part: Almost nobody seems to know or care about this release. Not all of the tracks are great, but some really do stick out. There’s a piece with a children’s choir that’s incredibly powerful and beautiful. There’s a peaceful medieval flute-and-guitar track that’s immediately catchy. There are several rather unique vocal tracks, one of them sung by himself (under a pseudonym). It’s rad, really.
Wow, just checked that soundtrack out. It is VERY cool. Thanks for the recommendation.
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