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Default Jayce and The Wheeled Warriors Original Soundtrack: Preorders

I think it might interest some people here, so I'm sharing the info which is pretty confidential at the moment.

For fans of the 80s cult series "Jayce and The Wheeled Warriors", this is a great moment!

In fact, a large part of the series BGM were found, when it was thought that the tapes had disappeared. The music composed by Shuki Levy has never been released on any media before, even on vinyl.

So the Télé 80 label associated with "Les séries de notre enfance" launches pre-orders on Ulule, a crowdfunding platform:

The money necessary for these releases is already obtained (203 presales on a goal of 100).

The soundtrack will be released on CD and also on vinyl, you can also buy the 2 and even a collector box with a poster (if there is a minimum of 100 pre-orders for the box).

Therefore the counterparts are:
CD price: 15 €
Vinyl price: 24€
CD+vinyl price: 35€
Collector box price: 65€

(at these prices you have to add the shipping costs of course)

Registration on Ulule is free.

The scheduled release date of the soundtrack is September 2020 for those who have pre-ordered and for the general public October 2020.

So support this project if you are interested, because if pre-orders are important and there is a high demand for this kind of project, maybe the label Télé 80 will release other unreleased original soundtracks in the future…
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