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I also saw the Honey Nights's goo blog, but I don't think it is the same group as this post's group.

1) ハニー・ナイツ worked 1958~74 (and it temporarily formed again for recording, not for full-scaled working again.), but Honey Nights formed Oct 2008.

2) Honey Nights doesn't contain any member of ハニー・ナイツ when I compare the two members.
- Honey Nights: 遠藤 和明 / 松宮 / others... (2 vocals and instrument performers)
- ハニー・ナイツ: 葵 まさひこ / 宍戸 二郎 / 赤間 寛 / 野村 忠久 (all members are singers.)

3) ハニー・ナイツ is basically a Chorus Group, but Honey Nights is a BLUEGRASS music band.

4) No clue exists on or out of the blog that Honey Nights is the successor of ハニー・ナイツ.

For these reasons above, still cannot affirm whether ハニー・ナイツ is Honey Nights or Honey Knights.

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