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well maybe, this old blog : with those info translated:

Honey Knights was founded in 1959 (1959).

▼ members,
▲ top tenor Masahiko Suzuki
Student era belongs to the glee club.
Composer, as orchestrator, active in Masahiko Aoi name.

It should be noted, is a mistake to top tenor is "Masahiko Aoi" in Wikipedia.
Name as a member of Honey Knights, it only was a Suzuki, Masahiko real name, it has also been confirmed from the time of magazine articles, and the like.

▲ second tenor Jiro Shishido
Student, responsible for the supervision at Meiji University choir.

▲ baritone Hiroshi Akama
Student is active in the brass band.
Owner of the talent that trombone also blows.

▲ bus Tadahisa Nomura
Honey Knights leader. Original Fujiwara Opera,
The owner of the beautiful voice of the bass, which was affiliated to the original Tokyo Korariazu choir.

It should be noted, is a mistake is the leader has become a Masahiko Aoi in Wikipedia.
Leader it was Nomura's bus Since its formation, is directly confirmed from a member.
How can good us and also fixes those of someone wiki ....

▼ keeping the members of Since its formation immobility, and the hard teamwork
It boasted a beautiful harmony.

▼ TV, radio, in addition to the activities in the record, 200 songs too
CM song that spans also was singing.

▼ 1974 (1974), Honey Knights were disbanded.

▼ 1984 (1984), Suzuki, Masahiko death.
No longer be Honey Knights of harmony revives.

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