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Originally Posted by Myrkul View Post
Any chance to obtain more informations about the BGM composers on this video ?
Youtube - Full Ending Credits
It's likely that Michiko Tomita was partially responsible for the BGM, sharing composing duties with TOYO Kusanagai, as she did in Hatsukoi Valentine .

She has a page here on the site

The information related to sound in the credits is this:

Under "Animation Staff"

Sound: TOYO・草薙
Sound Effects: スタジオMUSE (Studio MUSE), 小川 輝
Music Editing: MDスタジオ (MD Studio), 前田 之治

Under "Game Staff"

Sound: TOYO・草薙, 富田 美智子 (Michiko Tomita)
Sound Editing: 佐々木 私人

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