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Yeah, lightscribes don't really scream "OFFICIAL" . But these CDs are very interesting (not official):

I know there are several decent "upmixing" programs out there, but the tracks generated will usually play on a standard CD player, which will downmix them to stereo if necessary. These CDs will only play with DTS decoding. (found that out the hard way when I picked them up and excitedly stuck one in my car CD player, only to get a BLAST of static noise!) I'm not familiar with what it would take to code "true" DTS. I could be completely wrong, but I would think this needs to be done in a studio.

The tracks seem to be discreet. If I force my processor to "stereo" mode, there is definitely music missing, which would be coming from the surround speakers.

The source (Best Buy) lacks any motivation to pawn off a pirated product. They did not try to sell it to me and seemed rather uninterested in the CDs after they served their purpose. Additionally, and this is COMPLETE speculation, but I would think a major store chain like that would try to avoid any possible legal ramifications and get permission to produce the demo CDs, which could explain why they are CD-Rs, since they only probably made a handfull.

The only caveat that makes these CDs puzzling is: why choose video game music??? There is plenty of 5.1 audio out there...though they were aslo rotating them with some Queen and Eagles 5.1 concert DVDs.

Anyway, it's only 2 entries, so I'll post them and you can decide.
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