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Default SCDC-00193: Capcom Game Music

There's an error on the notes: track 13 is accidentally accredited to Son Son but this is a track of Maikamura/Ghost's & Goblins like firsts 12.
Confirmation can be found on the same "Capcom Game Music" with cat no. 28XA-94 which hasn't split tracks.
Indeed end of 1st track of that album matched the 13th track, and the beginning of 2nd track matched the 14th track.
Another confirmation can be found on "Makaimura Music Collection" album where track 22 of 1st disc is the same track with an extended lenght.
Searching on the net multiple sites reported the same error, so where does it came from?
Does the original booklet report the wrong credit?
Before correcting notes, it will be appreciate if someone take a look.

And also about this album, should a staff member put japanese translation & links to composers/arrangers credited like on the other record (
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