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Default My VGM Violin Project - Saying Hello to you all!

Hi guys,
this is Marcelo from Argentina. I've just noticed this forum and decided to create an account since it shares my same interests, and it could be a portal to share my music with you.

Almost a year ago I started this project, recording videogame music covers with my Violin, and slowly it is growing, which motivates me even more to keep working hard.

I would like to share my YouTube Channel with you, so you can take a look, and make your comments to make my work better, I have long-term ideas for this venture so each video I am uploading I am doing new stuff.


For now I have recordings for Ultima Online, Lineage and Archeage songs, but have in mind a lot of other soundtracks to do also.

I am just about to implement Chroma Keying in my videos, so it will look much more awesome. I bought a new microphone and an Adobe Premier Licence, so as you can see I have serious intentions with this. But like all, we need to start small and grow in time with the experience we gain in the road

Anyways, just wanted to share this with you, and I hope you like it! make sure to subscribe and make your comments as they will help me to improve!

Kind regards,
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