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Default 30CC-1829: Choujinki Metalder Hit Song Collection

I put photos of the booklet with song credits, but here's too a link with the good credits:

I can give the Anison's link too, but there's a mistake (once again... ); the composers and arrangers of the songs 7 and 9 are inverted:

Even Metal Heroes Wiki gives the good credits, even if they do a few mistakes in the romanizations of the artists:

So Takashi Miki is the composer and Katsunori Ishida the arranger for the song 7; and Takamune Negishi is the composer and Yoichi Takahashi the arranger for the song 9. says that all the songs except 1 and 10 (opening/ending themes) are insert songs, but Japanese Wikipedia and Metal Heroes Wiki don't mention that the songs 2 and 4 are used in some episodes of the series, so I'm going in this direction and mention these 2 songs as image songs.

The lyricist ジェームズ三木 = James Miki

His real name is Kiyomoto Yamashita/山下清泉.
Official Website:

Other websites with his romanization and some informations:

The lyricist 藤井邦夫 = Kunio Fujii
I don't see other reading with these kanji.
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