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Default COCX-32031~2: Space Sheriff Gavan BEST HIT SONGS & ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK

Added new scans for the reprint, and photos of the tracklist/credits from the booklet:

Added missing credits and corrected some credits:
- Chumei Watanabe is the composer / arranger for all the BGMs

- Columbia Orchestra is credited for accompaniment and not performance for the different songs

- Shozo Uehara is credited for configuration in Disc 1, tracks 1-10, which probably correspond to the times when Kenji Ohba speaks for about 30 seconds, before each song.
So maybe we should add Talk (or Drama?) in the classification for that?

- Kazuko Kawashima is credited for chorus for the instrumental song in Disc 1-19.

But for me there’s a forgotten, we hear well her voice in the instrumental of the song 青い地球は母の星 in Disc 2-09, but she’s not credited like for the other versions in Disc 2-19 & 21.
We could say because it's an instrumental version so they don't credit the chorus, but she’s well credited for another instrumental version in this case in Disc 1-19… So either we logically credit it for the 2 instrumental ones, or we don't credit her at all...
And I have to say that without her voice, the instrumental version of 青い地球は母の星 is not the same and has less impact… So I credited her for this track too.

On the other hand, Harry Kimura is credited for vocals in Disc 2-19, whereas it is a karaoke version and above all we never hear his voice in this track….
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