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Default 0-081209-2-001: Sacred - Der Schattenkrieger Folge 1 -Die Auferstehung-

So, this is the first volume of the pentalogy (5) Audio Dramas.

The dramas are official, and even the famous metal band Blind Guardian participated, doing the "Intro" song of the dramas, the track is called "Sacred Worlds" (it was also released on their last album).

The 5 dramas were released on CD, but they are also available digitally on iTunes & (and various other places).

The whole drama is in German language.
It tells a story anterior to the sacred 2 game. It's in fact a "prologue".

Finally, i do not have the complete credits for the albums.. so let's hope it's complete, if someone knows more or can confirm the actors let us know.
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