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Default Albums released

After having put off adding albums for years, I was finally able to get albums added to the site. An example of an album, uploaded by DjTheS, is at This album does not contain cover or track art, so it does not showcase all the features of albums.

Albums can be created by anyone and can consist of one artist's songs or the songs of multiple artists. They can be listened to online, or downloaded as an archive. The archive is created automatically, and any liner notes or cover images are included inside it. Because albums are large, electing to download an album in its entirely requires a small expenditure of 0.05 experience points per song - which means that most albums can be downloaded for the cost of uploading a single song or posting a single review.

Help pages are available on-site. Since this functionality was just added, there are bound to be a few issues, so feel free to point them out here.
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