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Default Removed menus, press CTRL-F5 to refresh

Recently, I received some feedback at another forum and many posters seemed to agree that the site could be improved if the menus at the top were removed, so I did that. Now, clicking on the links in the top bar will go directly to the list of all of the selected thing (songs, compos, or whatever). To access user-specific functions, like uploading songs, click the new "control panel" link in the upper right after logging in.

A side effect of these changes are that the pages should load faster because there is less Javascript to load.

If you have visited the site in the past week, you need to press CTRL-F5 to refresh the page, or else the colors will be incorrect. If you are a new visitor, you will see everything right the first time.

Please offer comments on these changes. Of course, if it turns out that nobody likes the new navigation, I can revert the site to the way it was before.
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