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OK, after seeing some of the album title submissions for a couple Castlevania albums, I'd like to propose the following:

"As little user intervention in changing the titles as possible to present suitable English and Japanese titles."

If an album lists both an English and Japanese title, use those for Display and Original respectively (e.g. Castlevania Circle of the Moon & Castlevania Concerto of Midnight Sun Original Soundtrack). Don't go making up some new translation.

In the case of Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow & Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow Original Soundtrack, the Romaji title is not suitable for the Display title. The official English game titles are most suitable. Think about it for a minute...

We have two main types of people coming here, English-speaking people who are familiar with the English titles of the games they've played, and Japanese users who are searching with Japanese characters. For the few weeaboos who want to see Romaji titles all over, we already have an option for that. They aren't entirely reliable to be searched on anyway due to the subtle differences in how many things are Romanized.

What are your thoughts?

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