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Originally Posted by The Gambler View Post
I personally am against changing the english title translation often found in the soundtracks with official game's names for the display field.

Moreover, I think it's a bit contradicting with the spirit that's used elsewhere. I've seen rejected some corrections to the tracklist when the error was blatant. That, to adhere to the principle "let's stay with what's printed on the cover at all costs".

Now I see that titles that already have an english translation in the actual CDs are disregarded in favor of translations taken from the games, perhaps in an effort to ease the search function. Although I must say, I am against this. I would prefer to stay close to the original cd source for a variety of reasons, and I must add that the search function looks into several sub fields already, so the search is quite extended. That, and I really cannot imagine someone looking for a Castlevania CD that doesn't also think to try a search for the word "Dracula".

Edit: in other words, I prefer Original / Romanized criteria over the one labeled as "Display" in Squirrel's above post.
Those numbered items are in order of priority, so the first choice for the Display title is any English title printed on the cover/obi. We only fall back to English Game name for the Display title when there is no english text on the album. We preserve the title as displayed, but there are some things to be fixed. For example:

I don't think we'd want to call this AKUMAJO DRACURA BEST as the display title, when we know it's Dracula. This could go as an alternate in Line 4.

About the inconsistencies, this goal of this whole process is to work through them and fix them. Everything will be considered, and it means that some policies might be changed.
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