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Default Some design ideas

Earlier today, I started to look over some design ideas for the new site. While KiddCabbage's design is great, it only provides the layout and location of each of the items on the frontpage (and it doesn't provide a template for other pages). It doesn't touch upon the colors and graphics that would be used.

I looked through about 300 templates, and three in particular seem to attract attention for their modernity and their similarity to Kidd's layout. The templates could be used as a baseline and modified to more closely resemble Kidd's layout as well as to conform to some of the limitations of the site. Since they cost money, they wouldn't be bought but instead a new design would be created to fit the "merged" requirements.

Each of these is notable for being striking. They all fall short in some way or another, but nothing is going to match the requirements exactly. Ideally, music or game-themed elements would be added or replaced. The most important thing is that each template comes in three colors that look identical in all other ways, so that the different originals/remixes colors idea could be implemented easily.
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