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Originally Posted by Kidd Cabbage View Post
He's referring to this thread:

He needs someone to do the design and graphics for the site. I assume he'll be developing it after that.

Anyway, Q, I looked at the link you sent me earlier when I was AFK... and I gotta be honest, man. What's up on the development page looks worse than it currently does. The scratchy font and the saturated colors and all. I'd let the fine poster above me take a shot at it. I'm sure he'll be able to help you with the design and make the site actually something nice to look at!
You shouldn't base your opinion of what the site is going to look like based upon that development page. The page is 10% complete.

The only things I'm satisfied with on that page are the new font, the menu bar stretching across the entire width, the name of the new site, the square shadowed boxes and (maybe) the orange color, although the other colors are something I definitely don't like. Everything else should be ignored until I get around to doing more work on it.

I plan to do a lot of work on it today, so there should be something that's more towards completion soon.
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