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Default Review Dev site


I'd like to ask people to review the Dev site at now that I've completed almost all of the changes recommended in KiddCabbage's design diagram. All pages on the site should now be updated to this new template, including compo details, profile, and song details pages. Again, log in while using the site to see the changes in stats.

The one exception is that I have not implemented the separation of remixes and originals with different tabs and colors. Following the usual process of incremental improvement, I was going to propose working on those changes after these changes are released, since they are nearly separate. Also, song graphics are not available on the Dev server, but only because I didn't copy them from the backup to the webserver.

The site now works in all browsers.

There are a few ways you could vote. First, you could say that everything is trash and that a completely new design, discarding even KiddCabbage's template, is needed. You could say that the layout is fine but the colors and graphics are poor. Or, as I believe, you could say that there are a few mistakes here and there that need to be resolved in testing, but that the design fulfills all the requirements (except that one) set out in the initial problem description.

The biggest thing that bothers me is what to do about Rama's design, in that I like Rama's design a lot. He obviously spent a lot of time creating that image. The problem is that Rama's design came out late in the game, after a lot of the work was already done, and he's only available late at night, while I have to get to bed most days by 10:00pm EDT and am most readily available on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

While the site could still be changed to Rama's design, and while I appreciate his help, I wonder whether whether the current design should be refined and tested instead. Rama's design is very image-heavy, meaning that he or someone else would have to create these images, a skill that I don't have. He might not be willing to do that and it would take a significant amount of time. I think that, in the end, either design would probably be accepted by an equal number of people, even if individual people might prefer one over the other.

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