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Default Submissions - Release Type (Publisher Type)

Current Guidelines
This consists of two sub-fields, namely Publisher Type and Distribution Type.
  • Commercial
    A commercial album released by the official rights holder.
  • Doujin/Fanmade
    Any album released by a doujin circle, amateur or cover group (or individual).
    This should take into account the status of the group at the time of release; for example, an amateur group that turns professional should still have their earlier releases labeled as Doujin/Indie.
  • Independent
    A non-commercial album by a professional artist. The main distinction between this and Doujin is that doujin albums are published in a non-professional capacity.
  • Bootleg
    Unauthorized reproductions or compilations without any original content, sold by a business entity.
    Compilations or "mixtapes" distributed by individuals do not count.
    Self-titled "bootlegs" produced by the rights holder should be Commercial releases.
  • Independent has been removed as a publisher type.
Technical Changes to Implement
Proposed Changes for Discussion
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