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Originally Posted by seanne View Post
I doesn't seem too logical to bundle Doujin and Indie together under the same tag if they aren't the same thing though, as it's bound to cause confusion. And if there aren't many 'Indie' releases in the database as it is, why should all fan-made albums be labeled as Doujin/Indie.

As far as I can see the only need for an Indie tag is because 'Commercial' infers that money needs to be payed. I think our old system made a better distinction between professional and non-professional artists in this way.
Commercial means that it's published by a commercial (major) record label, independent mean that it's not. All doujin albums are independent albums (by the normal definition of independent.) It is true Doujin does usually refer to amateur work but even this isn't a hard and fast rule because there are professionals who also release doujin work.
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