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Sorry if I wasn't clear. I didn't mean to say that VGMDB would only accept a certain size, type, etc. Just that there would be guidelines stating what would be best. Main reasons would be to keep file size down and ease of display. Assume for a second someone uploads images in RAW, TIFF, BMP and PNG. They are all lossless, however RAW, TIFF, and BMP are normally much larger in file size because of lesser compression. If people are going to upload a lossless image you could ask for it to be PNG or have the server flag it so it can be changed to the smaller filesize without hurting the image.

Taking jpeg, gif, webp. At the moment jpeg is the best because it is so widespread and gif was mainly made for animated images. webp is too new and has no support.

So making a mention of "We would prefer png or jpeg, but all types are allowed" doesn't seem too bothersome, also "We would prefer 2560x2560 but all sizes are allowed" still seems okay.

I normally think of #-# to be used when there are more than 2 pages, 1-3, 10-30, etc. the & normally connotes only 2 things, 1 & 2. The dash saves space. I am fine with either though.

Dealing with disc numbering that has different types of disc, Seems the logical would be to name it disc, number and then type. IE Disc 1, Disc 2, Disc 3 (DVD), Disc 4 (Minidisc)

I think a moderator or such should make the thread for allowable uploads so not everyone makes their own, and the mods can update the first post when the scans have been turned into an entry.

I think the rest of the changes look good.

(browser is still acting weird, so quoting others didn't work for me. Not vgmdb's fault, is happening on other sites as well)
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