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Default Permission to delete your own, completely new submitted data

It's clear why a regular user can't delete data submitted by other people (tracklists, covers, artist images etc.), but regular user can't delete his/her own, completely new (not edited) data... Can that be changed?
I'll give some of my errors to ilustrate this:
Submitted a new tracklist, but realized I forgot few entries (say, I've put 15 tracks, but there were 18). So, the only way to correct this is to make a new tracklist (because new tracks can't be added to an existing tracklist, at least I haven't found a way). But that also leaves the matter of deleting the old, incomplete list, which I couldn't do.
Or when I (today) uploaded two almost identical artist images, and couldn't delete the unnecessary duplicate.

I mean, I don't know a thing about programming, databases and all that, but is it possible to adjust the delete function for cases like these?
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