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Necrobumping for a site renewal:

There are some career timelines on the bio page, I'm pretty sure most of this info has already been available through archives & Facebook but here goes:

2000: Takayuki & Yuki Iwai leave Capcom and start freelance activity under the Wavelink Zeal name.

2007: Takayuki stops Wavelink Zeal work in 2007 and joins Crafts & Meister, where he's a sound producer & director. Yuki blogged about suddenly taking over Wavelink Zeal but she was weirdly vague about it, not mentioning at all that Takayuki left for a corporate job (which seems totally normal), so I don't know if there's more to the story or if it was just an unexpected hiring and she thought the details weren't important.

2013: Takayuki leaves Crafts & Meister. Wavelink Zeal finally fizzles out and dies.

Either 2013 or 2014: Takayuki & Yuki form a new group for freelance work, ZEAL★DoQMaL.

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