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Default Ichiro Kohmoto (#10026)

In addition to Ichiro Kohmoto, employee of TOSE who has worked on several Resident Evil games, we've also got:
  • Jiro Kohmoto: Sanrio Time Net: Kako-hen (music composer; credited w/Imagineer staff, game allegedly by TOSE), Hello Kitty no Beads Koubou (music composer; credited w/Imagineer staff)
  • Saburo Kohmoto: Record of Lodoss War: Eiyuu Kishiden GB (composer; game by Tomy)
  • Shiro Kohmoto: Resident Evil: Survivor (music composition; game allegedly by TOSE)
I don't know enough to say whether that's Ichiro changing the number in his name for no obvious reason or they're separate people, but that's interesting in any case
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